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Good recent anime.

I haven’t been watching anime for quite a long time (something like 8 months), so i dont know many “recent” ones…Can you recommend me some?

As in seasonal?You even missed out on summer anime, oh my god! This summer was GOLD.1) Zankyou no Terror – this anime is a masterpiece, I’m not even joking from the art to the story, every bit of this anime is simply incredible, a MUST watch. It’s twelve episodes long and completed.2) Aldnoah.Zero – I’m not usually into mech anime, but damn, A.Z is freaking amazing, great characters and the art once again is amazing, was expecting it to run with twenty four episodes completely, but no…it’ll be returning in January with the other half, but for now, watch the first twelve episodes and be blown away.3) No Game, No Life – I don’t know if you would’ve watched this or not, probably not, but seriously, one of the best anime that aired in Spring, also twelve episodes…hopefully a second season two, but nothing has been confirmed yet, anyway, this is the perfect type of anime to watch…has the brains and the moe and just pure awesomeness.4) Haikyuu!! – Ah, my precious, I love sports anime so this is one that I will recommend no matter what, but seriously even if you don’t like sport anime, give it a shot, it’s super funny and is just soooo good.5) Tokyo Ghoul – Yup, that happened this summer too…oh dear, it was harder to watch than to read, SO. PAINFUL. Twelve episodes long but, guess what, as obvious as it was, asecond season has been confirmed for January…more pain, yay.6) Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus – No idea if you’re into that, but some people are, that being me included…but this is bases from the Noah’s Ark Circus arc in the manga and it’s personally one of my favourites.7) Ao Haru Ride – If you like a bit of drama and roncom, this is the road to take, my friend, personally, I never finished watching this…but I read the manga, so yeah.8) Barakamon – MY FREAKING FAVOURITE ANIME THIS SUMMER, So funny, so lighthearted, just pure brilliance, it’s a nice and calm anime to watch that will surely have you in a laughing fit at most parts. Twelve episodes of fun!9) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – Ah, also hilarious, a fantastic watch, purely a roncom…but you could also class it as a comedy? School life and just, I love this anime, wish it was longer…also twelve episodes.10) Black Bullet – OOOOH, I almost forgot about this one, how could I? It didn’t have as big an impact on me, but this aired in Spring and damn, it was top of the range then. It is good though, great story, give it a watch! ;)11) Ishuukan Friends – I love this anime, it’s a sweet and cute anime with such a touching story, if you like romance and something soft, give it a try!Hm, they’re just some that I can really point out that you should try…there’s also ones such as Free! Eternal Summer, then there’s the obvious return of Fairy Tail, Oh, there’s also a harem….Kamigami no Asobi, which I loved because Baldr and Loki are simply too perfect. Mekaku City Actors also aired, ugh, cannot. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei too, but I dropped that, although many haven’t dropped it and think it’s still really great…Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin, the story I love with this and the characters…oh, that trap. Sword Art Online II came out…haven’t watched it, won’t watch it. Tokyo ESP too, which I still have to watch…I’ve read the manga, so it should be good…but…I do…need to watch still.AS FOR THIS AUTUMN ANIME!I’m currently watching:World Trigger – I…am hoping this gets better, with the manga being as great as it is, the anime…yeah. It’s still pretty good though, I need to find some determination to watch episode two though.Nanatsu no Taizai – THIS ANIME IS LIKE A CROSS BETWEEN MAGI AND FAIRY TAIL, OMG, I LOVE IT. It’s adventure and I love adventure anime, I think I’ll start reading the manga and I cannot wait for further episodes!Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji – A serious roncom, gah, I love this, it’s so funny and just makes my heart squeeze at all the romantic/cool parts.Donten Ni Warau – GAH, WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS. MEIJI ERA GREATNESS, WONDERFUL SIBLING LOVE WITH LOTS OF COOL ACTION BY TEN-NII!!!!!!!!!! <333And Sora and Chuu.Shirobako - the life of anime and manga workers is in an anime once again, but this time, I think I'll watch every episode of this anime, I have high hopes, it seems really good!Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - an anime based on music, I can't wait for more episodes!.....this really turned into something personal rather than recommendations. sorry.but seriously, check some of these out.

can someone name me some violent tv-ma animes.

animes as violent and bloody as berserk the golden age arc or hellsing ultimate or claymore or attack on titan. I’d like it to be tv-ma so its more bloody and gory

New gen :)Tokyo Ghoul – (now airing) and ongoing mangaCorpse Party – anime and incomplete manga ( maybe complete havent check for a long time)High School of the dead – (very brutal)) Completed anime, and dont recomend the manga (realese can take years)Another – short but darkyou wont find many new genaration to be very violent, but the old school or i rather called them the golden era will have some very violent anime. but thats only for anime, manga still have alot of stuff.”Hirgurashu no Naku Koro Ni” and “Umineko no Naku Koro ni” – they are know as the – when they cry seriesGunnm – AKA ” Battle Angel Alita” – the anime is short since it was originaly meant for a promotion but watch the manga.JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – not really my fav but manga and anime. if you dont mind the art styleBlood+ – not as much dark but….. it has its moments.Blue Gender – one of those dark old school, no mercy, madness ugh i shold say anymore lol.Canaan – noy really old school but it has its good familiar feels to itBusou Renkin – one of my fav collect manga and anime.Claymore – anime and manga , manga though is still ongoingevangelion – Can say you can really concider it violent ….well kinda , but it still in the area of madnessFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – NOT a old school but its a remake of the old school one that was bad. i usually dont recomend this but this one english DUB is worth watch especially for Envy’s voice.Ghost in the shell – another legend i beleive, dont expect lagoon – another dark one… and sad.samurai 7 – not bad but not the bestsamurai champloo – very fun, violent, and sad.samurai deeper kyo – dont remember much i think the manga had a better understanding of the ending.Shingetsutan Tsukihime – is another of my fav, dark, character can be very attachable etc. the only reason it might have gotten bad rating was because the manga was alot better. if you watch the anime, be sure to watch the manga next.Stranger: Mukou Hadan – very beautiful movieSpeed Grapher – another dark one.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – ahhh another legend fun to watch but….. well it had it bad side too lol. anyway one of my fave collected anime and even have a sign art from the artist lol (yea im a otaku lol)Sunabouzu – AKA” desert punk” – one of the most halirious shows i have seen but…. have you every hated a hero and thought he was a total dick … i cant say anymore, watch it and judge it yourself.The Sky Crawlers – another good movie worth the watchTrinity Blood – another old school dark and violent.Vampire Hunter D (2000) – old school too very dark bloody violentWitchblade – another good one but still… watch it if you haventRurouni Kenshin – this is a must watch very nice show lengends again lol.Afro samurai – one of the most bloody anime you can fin, i dont think anything will beat it for many reason.Gantz – of ofcourse another bloody one, anime and manga. might one of the very few most detailed anime out there and manga.Hellsing – this one is a must come on list, funny but dark and violent.there are more but unfortunalty cant rember there namesone last one though i dont wish to recoment it but you must be warnined, this anime pushes it too farit also have adult contents in it so 17 or 18 would be advise.Ninja Scroll – might be the first anime in term of violent ive seen before becoming obsess with anime.if you have read a manga called “Wof Guy” then im letting you know it has conten that relate to after ch 75anyway hope your enjoy my recomendation list, i took my time to get the what i remeber were worht watch for me. its bee long time so i dont rember how violent some of them but those that i called legend might be the only one i tully remember.for mangas though.only those from my personal collection that i can rember (lol because they on my book shelf)Ubelblatt – Dark fantasy, expect alot of violent.Until death do us a part or Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu -alot of fighting and esp involveD.Gray-man- another good oneall other were recomended as part of the anime above, they were also part of my personal collect to lolanyway peace out and enjoy

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  1. The story is set in Heavenly Host Elementary School, an elementary school that was torn down following the murders and disappearances of several of its staff and students. By the start of the story, another school called Kisaragi Academy has been built over the elementary school site. One night, a group of students from Kisaragi are telling ghost stories when a sudden earthquake transports them to another dimension where Heavenly Host Elementary still exists and is haunted by the ghosts of the school’s murdered children. The students of Kisaragi Academy students try to find their way home and survive the other mysterious forces that haunt the school.

  2. From the currently airing ones I think Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu and the new F/SN adaptation look pretty promising (but it’s only been 1 or 2 eps, so it’s too early to tell if they are actually going to be good shows in the end).

  3. HAIKYUUNANATSU NO TAIZAIHigurashi When They Cry, Another, Dokuro Chan, Mahou Shoujo of the End, Baccano. Wolf Guy and my favorite…Gantz.TOKYO ESP

  4. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (magic,supernatural)Corspe Party: Tortured Souls is quite gory, but there’s only four episodes, and it may not be quite what your looking for. It has an interesting plot, though.

  5. A group of people are resurrected from their deaths by a mysterious black ball called GANTZ to combat alien criminals hiding on Earth.

  6. Tokyo Ghoul (action,horror)-this one is bloody, so bewarei suggest Say I Love You and Beck Mongolian Chop Squad but also Tokyo Ghoul, Gurren Lagann and GGO but if you didnt watch SAO i suggest watching SAO forst since it is the prequel

  7. After moving into the quiet town of Hinamizawa, Maebara Keiichi spends his days blissfully in school often playing games with his local friends. However, appearances can be deceiving. One fateful day, Keiichi stumbles upon news of a murder. From this point on, horrific events unfold in front of Keiichi, as he soon learns his close friends may not be all that they seem.

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