How To Frame Comic Books

How much is an ultimate spiderman # 1 comic book worth.

just curious if the price went up in value because last i heard i could get 100 dollars for it. Thanks

I hate to be a downer, but it’s unlikely that anyone will ever be able to get that much for that (or any) comic book title, at least in this particular lifetime. The era of comics investing paying off big-time is (mostly) a thing of the past. I probably couldn’t frame my thoughts on the subject better than I have here:;…

Any good ways to learn how to draw environments.

Looking for references or information on how to draw environments and characters interacting within those environments, or how to make it feel like characters are a part of environments and not just drawing ‘scenery’. Looking to do this for comics.

I actually spent about 4 months working on comic book frames myself, and I have started going work on some new frames (though they are still unfinished). i personally found that just spending about 1 hour a day going back and forth between drawing portraits of people and landscapes helped me kind of get used to equating the proportion of a specific character and it’s relative size in the scene which I wanted to place that character in.It would be helpful to look up photos of the environments you want to use and just do general measurements of the people and characters in these environments.Of course, another great source (which i myself overlooked) can be of your own making: photos of people in the specific poses which you need the characters in your environments to be engaged in. This is probably one of the easiest and surefire ways to get a visually effective guideline for your images.There’s a vast amount of photography books dealing with architecture which you can check out and get images from. That too, can be a fairly useful source of ideas.The main idea here is just to keep drawing and drawing and drawing, as much as possible, and in as many different ways as possible. Preschool books free

How do I ink my pencil sketches to look professional like comic book pages.

Different comic artists have different drawing and inking styles. Some use a traditional drawing pen with a flexible nib, while others use mechanical pens, such as a Rapidograph for a more uniform line. In recent years, some have taken to inking and coloring in computor graphics application like Photoshop or Painter. Some have become profficiant at creating comic frames, entirely in Illustrator.I don’t do “comics,” per se, but I do, virtually all of my inking work with an ordinary Sharpie marker. From that point, I scan in the pieced and color it in Photoshop.

Comic book question.

can anyone help working on a comic book.. with a band…. and im not sure how to show that there playing… goign for pannel to pannel… if oyu cna halp that be great. and if you have no idea what im talking bout.. it’d be cool if you could anwser

try interspacing the band jamming, with frames of the characters doing what ever it is they are doing at the time.Eventually they can lead to the band jamming with lyrics underscoring the frames. Then close with them basking in the applause.just a thought – good luck babe!

How do I start reading comic books.

so i really want to start reading comic books, its pretty much the only geeky frontier I havent explored yet, but there are like a bizillion and they have been going on forever so I have no idea how to start. I figured I would narrow it down to DC superheroes, and start with batman cause he’s bitchin awesome,…

To start with, yes continuity does matter in the DC Universe, I don’t really know what comics the other person is reading. But it doesn’t matter to the point that if you haven’t read anything you’ll be hopelessly lost. It’s like watching an episode of a TV show, you won’t be hopelessly confused, but you might not know how they got to that exact point.Okay onto the New 52, there’s only 8 issues of any given comic out right now, so it isn’t going to be all that hard to catch up. They all happen in roughly the same time frame and are all cannon (if you don’t know it means it actually happened in the main DC Universe and is free game to be brought up at any time). The comics that actually featured Batman are: Batman, Batman & Robin, Detective Comics, Batman: The Dark Knight and Justice League (also, the first sevenish issues of Justice League International has Batman as a pseudo-member). Also, Batman Inc starts back up with issue 1 sometime this month. Batman related comics (features members of the Batfamily) are: Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwing (member of Batman Inc), Red Hood & The Outlaws (former Robin) and Batwoman (although she’s moving more away from Batman). Teen Titans has Red Robin in it (another former Robin) and Birds of Prey has some of Batman’s allies in it and Batgirl as a sometimes member. The Night of Owls crossover is starting up next month which will be the first major crossover for DC (… all issues that are supposed to be in it are there), which plays directly out of the first eight issues of Batman.Now if you want to read about some of Batman’s career prior to the New 52 (although it may no longer be in continuity as most of the new continuity has not really been fleshed out) I’d suggest:Batman: Year One (origin)Batman and the Monster MenBatman and the Mad Monk (sequel to Monster Men)Batman: The Man Who Laughs (takes place directly after Mad Monk, also it’s about Batman’s first encounter with the Joker)Batman: The Long HalloweenBatman: Dark Victory (sequel to Long Halloween, also covers Dick Grayson’s origin)Batman: The Killing Joke (still cannon according to the Batgirl series, it also details some of the events of The Man Who Laughs, sort of serves as Jokers origin)That pretty much covers a lot of Batman’s early, early career.Some random stories I can think of throughout the rest of his career:Death in the Family (the shocking death of a Robin)Batman: No Man’s LandBatman: HushWar Games & War CrimesUnder the Hood (return of said Robin, many years later)Batman & Son (Damian, the current Robin, first appearance)The Resurrection of Ra’s Al GhulBatman: R.I.P.Batman: Battle for the CowlI’d also have to say the Batman & Robin series that was just before the newest one (started out in like 2009)Some out of continuity appearances that I like:Thrillkiller (very different take on Bruce Wayne, Batgirl and Robin)Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious EarthSuperman/Batman: Generations (the characters have aged in real time since their creation, really good)The Dark Knight Returns & The Dark Knight Strikes Again

If you were a comic book artist, how would you depict the distortion of time within the frames of your story.

I have no experience with writing Comic Books, but for school this year we read Maus, a Holocaust Comic book. In Maus, the author showed distortion of time by having the frames run into each other. Some of the frames would be slanted, and some would be spilling into the next frame. He also reversed colors. For most of the book, he drew people’s eyes as being white with black pupils. When it got to the disorted scene, the eyes were black and the pupils were white. Just something to consider! Hope this helps!

How to contact a comic book artist.

I sound like a bit of a stalker here :S but I’m not, promise :L Basically my brother absolutely loves comic books and specifically loves a certain page from one called The Anatomy Lesson by Stephen Bissette, Alan Moore and John Totleben. what i wanted to do was take the page out and send it to one of the…

Your best bet is to find a comic book convention that they will be at and get it signed in person.You might try contacting Bissette through his twitter account.

How do I make a comic book.

My boyfriend loves comic books and I have no idea what to get him for christmas so I thought “what if I made him one?” The thing is, I don’t know how. I want to make him a real looking comic book. Not one make with just printer paper. How do I get an actual book with the shiny thin paper and whatnot?…

A lot of comics aren’t on really slick, shiny paper. The ones I remember were on a matte finish paper. In any case, get a couple of examples from his comic “stash” or buy a few examples of comics you know he likes and study them. You’ll see that the panels are different sizes, not all the same, not static in other words, and that sometimes action and/ or dialogue spans more than one frame. Go to an art supply store and ask what they would recommend. You’ll also need some waterproof marker pens — black for sure and other colors if that’s your plan. It’s a great idea and very original!

How to color in comic book characters/cartoons.

Hey all! So I enjoy drawing in my free time, and lately I’ve thought it would be really fun to get into drawing cartoons and comic books! Only problem is, I don’t know how the heck you color those guys in. I mean, take any animated show on TV. Spongebob, for example. How do they get his color so smooth??…

When doing comic books, a lot are scanned and coloured on a computer with software similar to adobe’s photoshop. You will find some comic book artists still ink their own comics though.In animation, the nearly always use a standard animation suite, and as the cartoon/anime gets older, the techniques and models are perfected so it looks better and is faster to finish.I think Disneys last hand animated movie was Anastasia, not too sure though

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  1. If you are asking about flash backs, Those usually take place with a fading screen tone followed by the remaining panels of the flash back being against black.

  2. If you want stories that stick more closely to continuity, try the lesser known heroes, like Birds of Pray, Teen Titans, Blue Beetle or Aquaman. I myself like am more of a Marvel fan, but to each his own.

  3. As for Batman, I always suggest people start off by reading Batman: Year One, Long Halloween and Dark Victory.

  4. Drawing is the best way to show real concern of art on drawing board without any hassle. A child can learn N number of things from drawing like he can develop his confidence, unwrap his inner creativity by making his favorite cartoon and all. Also drawing is the way where children learn how to express their real emotions without any fear.

  5. Continuity doesn’t matter as much at DC. Especially when it concerns the big names – mainly Batman and Superman. DC had quite a few reboots over the years, and reading up on every little bit of the history of the characters is quite useless. All you really need to know is the basic story of Batman and the Bat family- Bruce Wayne saw his parents killed, inherited their money (and there was a lot to inherit), trained for about 20 years to become the best at everything, and now he lives in a mansion with his butler Alfred. You can read up on the Bat family in Wikipedia, it mostly consists of Batgirl, Batwoman, Nightwing, Batwing, Red Robin, Red Hood and Robin.

  6. You heard incorrectly. For a comic book to go up in value, it has to be rare, and there were maybe half a million copies of that book printed, most of which are still sitting in people’s collections.

  7. I really haven’t seen your sketches, but yeah, you can use black and white ink so your sketches will look more clean.

  8. So you could just try and pick a story arc you consider interesting and read just that not really worrying about things unless they’re inmediately related since it changes so much, and anything relevant to this story or this comic should be (should being the key word) addressed at the start of the book. You could try to pick up a short story with a couple chapters kind of standalone(for example the Dark Night Returns storyline is often considered one of the best of batman and its only 4 volumes).

  9. All of Batman’s current titles (Batman, Detective Comics and The Dark Knight) are happening simultaneously. Think of it as simply many stories revolving around a set of characters. You can simply read the one that you find the most compelling, or all of them together. There are also many stories that are considered recommended, such as:

  10. i think maybe showing different motion not like frame by frame but roughly showing them playing different parts of the song, and show notes a small distance from the instruments its what I’ve seen in other comics so it should roughly work.

  11. You can read them at any order you want. It really doesn’t matter. Just remember the basis, and let the stories build the rest in your sorry to tell u but the comic book is worth only a couple of dollars and there are thousands just sitting on shelves the only place it would be worth would be some where in Europe where they are not sold and if it is going to be sold you’ll only get any thing if its in mint condition.

  12. i would put like empty pockets in the pictures and make it so like trees go up and make like a 90 degree angle. i would try to make it seem totally weird, like things that cant possibly happen.

  13. it all depends on what sort of style you want to develop… pen nibs will give you exact lines and crisp edges, brushes will give you a soft almost painterly feel. You might try a few different methods to see what you like too. Micron brand pens are a good starting point for the pen approach, you can buy them in a range of sizes too. I enjoy making ink washes personally, I use india ink in a palette with different concentrations of ink mixed with water for gradations and a nice soft round brush.

  14. Iv seen this with the Beano Comics when i was little, theyre basically drawn in, (ink) scanned in. Then, there would be this interactive colour pallete, you touch the colours then the area you want to fill and it does it all for you. This was just one method, and quite a few years ago, so its probably different now

  15. Also when there’s some big crossover (like blackest night where there are various superheroes or comics crossing you should look for a “read order” list online to see which comics from other heroes you have to read to keep track of the whole story and such. Also remember that a character will vary from writer to writer so trying to read all of batman for example (aside being a lot of it) you might even not like some portrayals.

  16. I’m going to try something completely different here and suggest a different superhero for you – Invincible.- The Long Halloween

  17. Well it really is a problem since you have all thee different timelines and universes and stuff usually there are story arcs and then some things are retconed the universe resets or some crap and so on and so on.

  18. What sort of distortion? Reading is a time-bound activity and there actually is a convention for some distortions. The baseline for American comics is what — six to nine panels per page? Jim Steranko, Rich Buckler and Barry Smith used to take it and alter it — when things were happening fast they’d do like four panels per line instead of two, the four would be smaller, simpler, and show intermediate steps of the action. It actually takes as long or longer to read them, but it feels like things are happening faster. Blowing the panel up so it bleeds into the panels around it can also change your experience of the page. A lot of people use that for their baseline pages so they are in essence robbing themselves of a tool for their arsenal, but just establish your baseline and change it. Of course if you are talking about time travel and so forth then think of what you can do with abstract art.

  19. Written by Robert Kirkman (who is also famous for writing The Walking Dead) is one of the best new superheroes to come out for a long time. It starts off seemingly like any other kid who develops super-powers but then throws you some huge curveballs along the way.- Arkham AsylumIt gets very harsh at times and has some great stories, but the other good thing is that because it is so relatively new, you can catch up with the graphic novels and there have been no retcons or reboots which a lot of titles in Marvel and DC have been caught up in.

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