How To Get Coupon Books Mailed To Your House


OK so i babysit for this really nice family !they have 3 little girls that are just the cutest little girls you will ever meet and i love babysiting for them it is so fun !!so i just recevied a christmas card from them with a present to go to the movies ! and i am so greatfull for thatand i would like to…

How about a game that they call all play together. Make a collage of photos of the girls if you have any. You can always send some kind of food that they will all like. Their gift to you is a thank you to you for your help. Do not feel that you have to spend a lot of money in return.

I need grocery coupon help.

That doesn’t require registry or downloading a coupon printer!!I am looking for libby’s can goods,starkist tuna,stubbs marinade,philadelphia cream cheese (hard), Margarine,turkey hot dogs,utz products,success boil n bag rice, coke or pepsi products etc Please help me cut my grocery bill in…

Check Sundays newspapers, junk mail, etc.Here are some tips:Menu plan, and have food in house. If you plan ahead on what meals you’re going to make day-to-day, you won’t feel the need to rush to the store (or local fast food place) in order to pick up dinner.Stop in bulk for meat items.Warehouse stores like Sam’s and Costco have a fabulous selection of high quality meats. Invest in a small chest freezer to take advantage of sale items, and to store extra cuts. When buying a meat product, divide the bulk into smaller portions you can use. For example, if purchasing a 12-pack of pork chops, break it up into groups your family can eat at one sitting. For a family of four, place four chops together in a freezer bag. That way you’ll only take out what you need for each meal as you make it.Shop stores with private label items. Stores like Aldi can save you 50% off of your total grocery bill because they offer items made especially for their store. They also tend to avoid advertising costs and instead pass the savings to the consumer. While not every product has the same quality as regular grocery stores, many items are equally good and in some cases, better. Experiment and don’t be afraid to try something new.Learn to bake. Processed cookies are not only higher in artificial ingredients, they are also much more expensive than if you’d made them yourself. Better yet, do the cooking with your kids. It will give you some more bonding time while teaching them about saving money.Use your slow cooker. Slow cookers (or Crock Pots) expend less energy to cook than your stove. They also allow you to cook meats of lesser quality, because the long cooking process help tenderize the meat.Grow your own vegetables. A great way to save money (and get the family involved ) is to plant a garden. Vary the vegetables you grow, but be sure to either use or give away everything that comes up. Experiment with different recipes in order to incorporate all your stock.Reuse leftovers. Find new ways to incorporate parts of uneaten meals in order to create a new delicious dish. Store various parts of the meal separately. For example, keep the noodles separate from the meatballs and sauce if making spaghetti. Then, you can create a brand new side dish with the noodles, while using the meatballs for sandwiches or meat pies.Step One – Acquire CouponsTo use coupons, you must have coupons. One place to get them, of course, is from the Sunday newspaper. Each newspaper contains three to four coupon inserts. Prosser recommends you buy more than one copy of the newspaper, or ask your friends and neighbors for their coupons if they don’t use them.Another source for coupons that Prosser recommends is There, you can choose which coupons you want.The coupons are free (it’s illegal to sell coupons), but there is a “handling fee” for each order. Prosser said for every $5 she spends, she saves $80 to $90 at the store after the coupons have been doubled. Remember: you’ll need multiple coupons per item to buy several when it goes on sale.Step two – Develop A Price BookA “price book” is simply a list of items your family uses at the best price you can find them for at the grocery store. For example, if your favorite brand of cereal costs $1.99 on sale, write that down, and include the name of the grocery store that sold it for that price. (Price book totals are the very best sale price, not the price after coupons.) Prosser said your Price Book should include:The name of the store where you found the good deal The name of the item (specific brand) The category it falls under (dairy, canned goods, etc.) How much you paid The size or weight of the item (to determine the price per unit)The “price per unit” helps you compare big boxes to little boxes. It allows you to determine if a $2 off coupon on a large item is better or worse than a doubled 50-cent coupon on a smaller item. The price per unit is derived by taking the cost of the item, divided by the number of units.For a $1.99 box of cereal that is 18 ounces, you would take $1.99 divided by 18 ounces, and that gives you the unit cost, which is 11 cents.Step Three – Prepare Your Grocery List, Meal MenuOnce your coupons are clipped and organized, and your Price Book is well under way, it’s time to prepare the grocery list. For this, you’ll need the weekly sales fliers, which come out each Sunday and Wednesday.Prosser said if you go into a store without knowing what’s on sale, you’re going to spend more money. She makes her grocery list according to what’s on sale, and according to her meal menu. Prosser prepares a seven-day menu (including breakfast, lunch and dinner), which tells her exactly what to buy. Prosser uses sales fliers to help plan her meals.Step Four – Shop, Save!The key to cutting your grocery bill in half is to use multiple coupons for items on sale. Most grocery stores will double coupons up to $1 or more, and Free urban books

What is the best way to advertise my house painting business in newport beach, ca .

I have a location in Pasadena Ca already going good ( considering the economy )But when im home. ( Newport Beach ) ridding my bike or walking and thinking, I see allot of people painting their homes.I have an advertising going on Google and it works ok but not good enouph.I just wan/t a chance to bid…

Smart – you drive by these potential jobs twice a day; no reason the business shouldn’t be yours.- First thing is make sure that your Search marketing efforts are as good as they can be. Locals really do look to Google for painters – I checked the search queries (Painters in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, CDM, etc.). Your website can be simple but should compel people to call you, and make you look credible. Then your Paid Google (and Yahoo/ MSN/ASK) efforts should be for the right keyword phrases and they should also match your site content. This sounds complicated but it’s not really. If you need help you can it on Google or I can make suggestions- Second, you should be in every free and cheap directory you can find. Yahoo Local, Google Local (and Google Maps), and more. Citysearch, Craigslist, Superpages, OC Register,, Balboa Beacon, etc.- Third, make friends. Real estate agents are always recommending painters. Stop by the local real estate offices and talk to them. Offer a 10% discount for their clients and print a coupon on the flyers. If an agency responds, make custom flyers for them to ensure their cooperation. This also makes them look good, and they need reliable partners. You might also talk to local contractors and ask for their painting work.- Be a guerilla marketer. Your friends are locals so put the word out. Make sure your truck(s) have your phone number and/or web address. Get a magnetic sign if you don’t have one. Your parked truck is a billboard. When you have a local job, always have one of your lawn signs out. Don’t collect them when you’re done – leave them. They cost less than $2 each.- Do all these things. If you’re happy with what you get in return, spend more money. Use the Money Mailer; buy a few bench ads, do a direct mail effort to the neighborhoods nearby.- Measure what you do. You need to have an understanding of how much you’d pay for a new client. Do the math (what is your average sale? What is your average cost for labor and materials? How much gross profit do you make on an average sale? What is your annual overhead divided by the number of jobs you do in a year?). If, only once, you take the time to learn those answers than you know what you make, on average per job. You should then allocate a percentage of your profit to marketing. Typical is 5-10% of gross revenue. Why is this important? Because you need to know when something works and something doesn’t. If you decide that you can spend $X to get a customer, then you have a budget. Armed with that budget, you can try out all kinds of ad programs like benches, email, direct mail etc., and you will know when they work, and when it’s time to try something else.Do it; paint locally. It’s a great idea and the commute is much better than Pasadena.-J

How do you prepare your life for multiple babies.

I’m looking for tips, suggestions, ideas, websites, books. Anything you think might be possible to help a busy mom with multiples.

Our twins are almost 20 months now . . . in short, you get through it because you have to! LOL!Here are my recommendations:1) Build your support system of friends and family – when people offer to help – LET THEM! Tell them what you need even if it is throwing the laundry in the washer2) Shop sales only and pick up some bins, label them a couple sizes up and store clothes and such that you buy on sale3) Shop kids consignment stores, Craigs List, Free Cycle and E-Bay. Become a member of all the baby websites – Pampers, Huggies, Gerber, Enfamil, etc . . . as they will send you coupons regularly.4) Let friends and family know that you are open to hand me downs5) Budget budget budget – make shopping lists, use coupons and stick to it. If you have a warehouse store in your area – join. We have a BJs and they are least expensive for diapers, formula and more. They also mail out coupons regularly and take manufacturer coupons, too.6) Schedule – the key to twins is getting them on the same schedule. This starts by feeding them at the same time. People will tell you to never wake a sleeping baby . . . get that out of your head. When you have twins – you DO wake the sleeping baby. When one is hungry, feed them and wake the other to eat. In time, they will fall onto the same schedule.7) Make sure that your husband knows that he is your partner in this – you are outnumbered. He will change diapers, feed babies and more.8) Going out is up to you, but it is important to have some sort of me time – my husband is great with the twins if I need to run errands or for the occasional girls night. They are also the first grandchildren so the grandparents are great baby sitters, too. Even if you do not go out, make sure that you have “me time” – even if it is during naps, the clutter that builds in a house can wait a day while you take a moment to yourself.9) See if your area has a parents of multiples group – it is a great way to meet other people who have twins or more. Just do a google search with your zipcode and “parents of twins” or something like that. Email me if you are in Massachusetts as I have joined a few.10) Do NOT let people scare you! “Oh, twins, I could never do that, it will be so hard” BLAH BLAH BLAH. If these are your first children then you have no clue how much work 1 child is . . . you will only know how much work 2 (or more) are . . . and you will be fine!Feel free to email me through my profile.Congrats and best wishes – twins (or more) really are such a blessing!

How would you feel if your spouse did this.

My husband grew up in a very very poor house-on purpose. His family didn’t believe in going out to eat, wasting money on things. They cut coupons, patched up old clothes, bought used, re-used what they could when they could. If they didn’t have the cash to buy it, it didn’t get bought. No credit cards,…

Wow, I can’t even fathom how I would feel as Sr. would never ever pull something like that. We run all purchases by each other prior to them being made, always… I guess my 1st feeling would be hurt, ran over as a wife since he did not even show you the respect of talking it over with you. I am sorry 🙁

With Avon, WIf you have your customers order their products online, will you still get paid.

I want to do Avon, just without the deliveries, so how can I do that?I know you sign up online for 20 dollars, but I’m just wondering how to do Avon all online, because i can’t Work Outside of the house because of medical problems , and I could really use some suggestions!

The great thing about having an Avon Business is that it’s your business to run however works best for you. You can sell online, have online book parties and local book parties. In all honesty, selling only online is not going to be as profitable as selling in your community.Rest assured you will have a lot of customers who won’t mind coming to you or buy from you online. You just need creative ways to let people know you’re the one to come to for their Avon needs.You can advertise in your local paper, online classifieds, coupon mailer packs, bulletin boareds, etc. Get your phone number in the phone book and/or When you do get out of the house make sure to always take brochures, business cards and/or flyers with you and leave them everywhere you go.Offer customers a discount on their products if they share the brochure with their family, friends and co-workers, collect orders for you and deliver the product.Have fund-raisers and let the coordinator from the group/organization do the delivering.Host parties at your house.You can mail brochures out to your customers and/or find local businesses where you can leave brochures on a regular basis.Good luck to you and if you have any more questions just click my name on the left for my contact info.

How to make money. Ideas for a 13 year old.

I can’t really go and work anywhere as a job because i’m too young, but i want to start making money so I can get a car and stuff when I’m older. And I can’t do chores for my parents for money because they won’t pay me.. 🙁

Some of these might not be fitting, or might not work, and some of them are stupid (they’re from a book), but here you go:When the neighbors are out of town, water their plants, feed their pets, take in the mail, or water their grass.Plant gardens or weed them.Mow lawns or rake leaves.Shovel snow.Help a neighbor spread mulch.Be a golf caddy.Do pool maintenance.Run errands for an elderly couple or a busy parent with a long commute.Wrap gifts at Christmastime.Pack boxes for people who are moving.Clip coupons from the newspaper and organize them for your mom or the neighbor next door.Paint mailboxes or fences.Paint house numbers on curbs.Set out garbage or organize someone’s recycling.Run somebody’s garage sale (maybe your own.)Clean pet cages or aquariums.Muck stalls.Clean basements or kitchens.Clean cars or boats or patios.Wash windows (not high ones.)Pick up backyard dog doo.Organize the neighbor’s garage or their closets.Serve food at parties or arrive afterward and clean up.Tutor younger kids in your favorite subject.Teach an elderly person to use a computer.Make web pages for people.Design a newsletter or brochure for someone’s business.Teach piano, tennis, sewing, or tap dancing.Ref soccer games.Be a director. Find some fun scripts (or write one yourself) and put on a play with the neighborhood kids.Be a personal trainer for little kids.Paint faces with face paint at fairs and carnivals.Paint other girl’s nails.Take “best friend” pictures for kids at school.Make movies for people’s special events.Make scrapbooks for people who don’t have time to do it themselves.Do bike tune-ups.Tie balloon hats and animals at birthday parties.Babysit.Be a counselor at a day camp or a mother’s helper.Keep an elderly neighbor company.Be a kid wrangler, and help out at at toddler’s birthday party.Or organize children’s parties yourself, from invites to thank-yous.Run a story hour at your house. Tell parents they can drop off their kids and you’ll read them stories and serve snacks.Do the same things with crafts or games.Provide after-school entertainment for somebody’s cats.Walk dogs or groom them.Sell:Hot drinks.Cold drinks.Paper-clip jewelry.Bird feeders.Yard signs (“Thanks for slowing down” is always popular)Banners to welcome people home or celebrate birthdays.Hand designed T-Shirts, key chains, or zipper pulls.Pet treats,cat toys, or personalized pet food dishes.High energy snacks made of nuts and chocolate morsels.Sponge-print wrapping paper.Sleeping bags for the little stuffed toys that all your friends are collecting this year.What’s the biggest fad at your school? Think of things you can make that relate to it.Flowers cut from a garden you plant and tend yourself.Badges that promote school spirit.Headbands, scrunchies, or scarves.Oatmeal cookies or cupcakes.Gingerbread houses at Christmas.Christmas wreaths and ornaments.Decorated tins full of chocolate kisses to match celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or birthdays.

How to hobby frugally.

the worst part about having a hobby is when it gets expensive! can anyone help me find books on making model planes, boats, ships in a bottle, doll houses, and etc. frugally I would appreciate it! also to clarify how frugally or cheaply which ever you prefer, I lost my job and I’m trying to figure out how to do…

The first responder said, among other things, gardening. This is a great hobby, and you can actually make money doing it. Of course, you CAN spend a lot of money, but it’s quite possible to garden frugally and get a lot of food in the process. Try to compost as well.I know that some knitters and crocheters go to thrift stores, find old sweaters, unravel them, unkink the yarn, and then use that for their hobby. Quilters do much the same thing. Most thrift stores will have sales on certain days of the week, so if you are looking for men’s shirts, for instance, you’d go on the days when men’s shirts are on sale.I make paper beads, and then jewelry out of those beads, and one of my restrictions that I put on myself is that I never BUY the paper for these beads. Instead, I use the catalogs and flyers that I get in the mail.I don’t think that you can really make model planes and boats frugally, unless you can catch a sale on one of the kits.Around my area, there are two big hobby store chains, and both of them run ads with coupons in the Sunday paper, so if you really need one expensive item, you can use the coupon.And there’s always reading as a hobby.

How do you get free food if you are hungry and have no money.

Me and my husband have fallen on hard times, I have looked for a job but they are few a far between. All our saving have been used and our room mate even pawned his car to help get groceries in the house. So how in the world do people get food when they have a bad month?

Go to the local church (you don’t have to be that religion)… they often give food vouchers and or have food banks.Call welfare and ask them what people on welfare do.Call salvation army (they have food help) or YMCA (some do / some don’t) or United Way (can put you in touch with programs).Also, you can hit up a restaurant (pizza?) 5 min before closing and ask if they are throwing food out (they might not give it free, but you could negotiate really cheap).What country are you in? There’s lots of sites where people post sales deals or warehouse / factory sales, or where you can print coupons right from your computer (or register to have coupons mailed to you).You can get coupons in newspaper too. Sometimes it’s printed on the newsprint, and sometimes a coupon book is enclosed with the weekly grocery store flyers.Check the grocery store flyers every week, and create your 7-day meal plan based on the items on sale.Use coupons & sales together = sometimes free stuff!When you are flush with $, stock up on non-perishable items (ie. toilet paper, deodorant, laundry soap). If you can buy 6 or 12 months worth, you’ll *NEVER* pay full price again (surely it’ll go on sale again before you run out, and you can top up the stock again!). Too, you’ll have it for times when there’s no $ in the house.Share meals with friends & family (ie. “I have a can of tomatoes if you have a bag of spaghetti… and maybe we can split on the cost of ground beef?”NEGOTIATE the price on EVERYTHING. The very worst that can happen is they’ll say no, and if that should happen, you would be no worse off than before you started 🙂 And there’s a good chance they’ll give you a deal, especially if you talk to the manager, and ask them, “Can you do any better on the price of this?” or point out a dent, a rip, etc. (dents on canned food are okay, just so long as they are NOT around the top or bottom lids, and so long as they are NOT along the seam that runs up & down the can).Check for groceries that are reduced-to-clear because they are close to due date.- If it’s meat, you can go a day or 2 past day, but will have to mark it with an “X” so you know you have to cook it immediately upon defrosting, or else cook it the day you bring it home.- Veggies that are old and wrinkled, or have spots on them are fine too (you can cut off the spots)… use them for stews & stir-fry where it’s chopped up anyway.- Same with fruit (use them for desserts, or preserve them)Around now, see what you can freeze in bulk before the prices go up for the winter (ie. sweet red bell peppers quadruple in price in winter). They’ll be nice to have when times aren’t so flush. Especially when you’d rather spend any extra $ on Christmas gifts.Register with your local charity for a Christmas hamper = gifts for the kids, and maybe a whole chicken or turkey, some carrots, a few potatoes that you can cook.Check to see if there is a soup kitchen. The local one here (just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada) costs $1 (if you don’t have that even, they don’t turn you away) and they give you a bowl of soup, some crackers or bread, a drink of juice or coffee, and hot meal with meat, veggies, with a side starch of potatoes, noodles, or rice, and even a dessert.Buy a bag of flour. Mix it with egg, or even just water to make a dough. Roll it out into a snake, and chop little pillows. Drop them into boiling water. Remove them when they float. Voila — incredibly cheap pasta!Watch the starches though… cheap but filling, yes… but also very, very fattening (turns into 100% sugar when it breaks down.That’s all I can think of right now. If I think of anything else, I’ll edit the post again (or if you’ve already chosen this as best answer, I’ll type anything additional I can think of inside the comments section) 🙂

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52 thoughts on “How To Get Coupon Books Mailed To Your House

  1. I would be awfully angry and would let him know about. It doesn’t make ANY DIFFERENCE that he is the sole bread winner. According to the our LAWS, the wife is entitled to HALF of what the husband makes. Wives WORK at home. If your husband doesn’t believe this, don’t do ANY of your normal things and let him cook, clean and take care of the children occasionally. PLEASE don’t believe that guilt trip about him making all the money. You are sacrificing more than most people would. I know you are doing it out of love for your family and that is commendable, BUT HE IS NOT sacrificing in ANY way for you. HE WORKS….SO WHAT?? EVEN IF HE WASN’T MARRIED TO YOU, HE WOULD STILL HAVE TO WORK TO PAY RENT, FOOD, UTILITIES, ETC, FOR HIMSELF…..RIGHT? It STILL amazes me that guys use that age old excuse of “I work, you don’t so the money is all mine”…..NOT!You can check out actual libraries for books on doing those hobbies which will probably have some tips on doing them cheaper or alternatives, etc. BUT there’s so much info online about just about any hobby (or anything at all) that it’s usually better to just start online.I would be so pissed! My partner is also good at doing things like this sometimes…he has a 1959 truck that he is restoring and there are times where I could really use a new pair of shoes or even just a haircut but I don’t get them and he runs out and gets a part or tool needed for the job…and it also comes out of our savings.

  2. These are very hard times that we all are facing,look in your yellow pages under Human Services,you can find out where the office is and pick up an application to get a food card,they will process quite fast for you and they also will give you some groceries until your food card arrives in the mail,hope this is of some help to you.

  3. I would suggest getting a summer job, but it’s already too late for that. I started working when I was 13 in a hospital commissary, my first job. The pay wasn’t great, but I did have the opportunity to work there, and if you save up, you may have the money you need sometime. I guess I’m showing my age here, but why would you want expensive clothing anyway, when your only 13? Girls your age shouldn’t be obsessing with stuff like that until their 15-16, when they get their first boyfriend who will pay for things like that. How the hell do you think other girls have those gucci bags and versaci shoes? The boyfriends pay for it. Just be prepared to return the favor to them, which sometimes won’t be pretty, but the shoes will be there for life, or at least until you need a new pair to go with a new outfit, in which case it’s back to the boyfriend =) Get used to this cycle, since you’ll be experiencing it time and again until you are either married, or over the hill at 45-50 and as such cannot get a man to pay for you anymore, in which case you really will need to get a job. Again this is also if you aren’t set already by now, and are either a widower who has access to your dead husbands life earnings in the bank, or inherited a large lump sum from your parents.

  4. Change your hiobby to one that results in a positive or neutral cash flow. Raise chickens, garden, repair and bind books, whittle, something like that.

  5. Wow, i don’t even know what to say. You don’t need to live your life like this, what are you saving for? Having thousands in your savings is amazing, you should do ALL the things you want. Tomorrow you should go to the mall, get designer outfits, get your hair done, buy new make up, get new shoes, meet up with friends for lunch and go cinema. That wouldn’t come close to the cost of a muscle car.Let me know when you want to sign up.Paper mache is pretty cheap to do. You make a lot of things with it and it isn’t just for kids.If you want *other* cheap hobbies, also check out my previous answer here:

  6. Here are some links to check out:My sisters dual boys shared a crib because of house and so they have been flawlessly first-rate. Also, she ended up having to bottle feed so what labored first-rate for that was once the Boppy pillows. She had two. She positioned one dual on every aspect at the sofa so she would preserve the bottles for them. Some folks will inform you that you want two of the whole thing and it’s actual for a few visible matters (carseats, garments, and so forth) however you continue to best want a million swing, tub, and so forth. For probably the most aspect, if one aroused from sleep and had to be fed or wanted a brand new diaper, she might difference the dual and make a bottle for him to in view that he’d get up approximately the identical time. For her being pregnant, she did emerge as getting preeclampsia and was once on mattress leisure for a pair weeks earlier than they boys have been born by way of c-phase at 33 weeks. They spend two a million/two weeks within the NICU and are simply first-rate. Honestly, every body freaks out however it’s not as difficult as you’ll suppose. You simply get used to it.

  7. ++++++ one more link had to be moved just below +++++++++I guess you can make planes, boats, and miniature ships from inexpensive materials or even materials from around the house, but it would also depend on exactly how you want them to look, amount of detail, etc.You don’t wanna end up on your death bed with nothing but a load of savings, you need to create fun memorys,Thrift stores have lots of books. just started selling AVON online. I made a facebook page and a myspace page. I also put an ad on Craigslist to get people to my site.And if he doesn’t sell the car then insist on marriage therapy. I honestly think this might be just bad as cheating. He is being selfish. He is putting his wants completely ahead of yours. And actually he basically lied to you. Because he did it behind your back.Try meditation

  8. This is a big deal. Don’t let him or anyone else tell you it isn’t. I hope you can work it out and I hope he mans up and sells the car.Do you have libraries where you are?

  9. ** you can make a lot of miniatures from various clays cheaply too…polymer clay is best (and won’t cost a lot for making miniatures, especially if you learn to mix colors to make new colors) but if you can’t afford it, try “bread clay” since it will take great detail, etc.You can look into the Food Bank in your county/community. What you do is you call the number and the Food Bank sets up an appointment with you. At the appointment you may receive a voucher that determines on how much you actually get. Again…that action may be immediate, or you may have to be placed on a waiting list.

  10. This Site Might Help You.Yes I’d be very mad. You do have reason to be mad. But I also grew up like your husband, poor. So when I do have extra cash, I tend to splurge. Sometimes I’d blow through all my money. While that’s no excuse for your husband, try to see why he did it. Talk to him. Some dealerships let you return the car after a certain amount of days without hurting your credit.

  11. Perhaps you can go have a nice Spa day, since he got to buy a muscle car. Go get your hair cut, nails done & buy a pair of shorts!! There is nothing he can do once you’ve already spent the money.

  12. Dollhouses and the things in them, however, can be made from all kinds of things! (materials and items). Some of those things will require a lot of time and skill and perhaps detail, others much less so. Many miniaturists also love to make things for dollhouses or other dioramas with “found objects,” or found objects combined with other objects/materials.“bread+clay”Oh yeah, and the whole “he gets to spend the money bc he makes it” – That’s complete and utter BS. How about the fact that you cook the food & make the home? How would he feel if you told him he couldn’t have any dinner, because you’re the one who made it. Or how about if you told him he can’t sleep in your bed…because you’re the one who makes it!! Load of froggin TOSH!

  13. I’d be extremely angry. He talks the talk but obviously isn’t willing to walk the walk. And frankly it sounds to me like he doesn’t really respect you.

  14. If you could join a local group of attendees to a christian church. where are you located? do you happen to read Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. these are just some tools to Be Like Jesus. see the practical way of how God wants us to be like Jesus to have a servants heart. Jesus showed how to humbly be a servant most most of the time without jeopardizing His true identity as God The Son. you don’t need to (Quit your job and stem (beg). Give away your money. Leave your friends and family. Give hungry folk free food?Help sick people free of charge. Hang around with unsavory characters, criticize religious authorities. Question leaders but pay all taxes asked of you) simply because you won’t be able to do so. if you have a family, do you think losing your job would be a responsible thing to do? Jesus don’t want for your family to get hungry neither leave your friends & family to serve Him. you have to had a relationship with Jesus to understand this deeper.

  15.…I would be pissed…first off you are married and he made a financial decision without discussing it with you which is wrong on so many levels…two you are totally right that you have sacrificed a lot to live according to his lifestyle which is totally unfair. If I were you I’d think I’d go get my hair, hand and feet done and take a trip to the tanning bed. Sounds like you are due and he can’t say a freaking word about it.

  16. Your best in the long run is to apply for food stamps at your welfare office. Most likely, you will have to provide proof of your income in order to receive them. While it may take some time, you do have some other resources you may look into until the food stamps fall through. You do have every right to apply for food stamps, it just depends on how your state determines that eligibilty. However, if it turns out that you do get the food stamps, you have to provide proof of income for everybody that lives in your household, and maybe some other documentation. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for cash assistance because food stamps do not cover other necessities. If you don’t have medical insurance, maybe you should apply for that as well.He obviously doesn’t put your needs and desires on the same level as his (he gets a haircut every month, you get one twice a year? You get ZERO in terms of clothes, shoes, things YOU want and need, he gets MULTIPLE hugely expensive toys whenever he feels like it?). He even went BEHIND YOUR BACK to buy these toys AFTER you explicitly asked him not to?

  17. There is info here:…RE:And…if he has a problem with it?? Just throw the 23K Muscle Car back in his face!!I’d consider teaching him some sort of lesson.== goodness that SAHM comment from the previous poster. Clearly that person doesn’t have a clue. Do they not understand how much childcare costs? Do they not have a clue what a cleaning service and going out to eat costs for a family? A SAHM mom may not make money. But they save tons of money each month. Your money is the amount you take in and you take out. Not just your earnings. Goodness that was offensive to say that SAHM doesn’t earn money!

  18. If you go today, you could probably get emergency food stamps by next week, which wouldn’t necessarily help with Thanksgiving, but it will give you some moolah to put towards food purchases.

  19. Is this really the kind of life you want for yourself and your children? Is this the kind of relationship you want to model for them – you (and your kids!) making every sacrifice, scraping by on pennies, just so Daddy can blow those hard-earned savings on shiny things for himself and himself alone?2

  20. Life is way too short to be this strict with money. Whats the point earning money if you cant have fun with it.

  21. There are many resources out there that you can look into. You can look in the Dept. of Welfare for food stamps. Depending on how hard you have it, the process can be immediate, meaing your state can quickly expidite, and give you emergency food stamps. It all depends on how your state runs that.

  22. There are other resources out there, but I’m unsure what your state provides, or even if they’re running up on hard times because of the demand. Don’t give up though, nobody should be refused food because after all it’s a necessity, right? Maybe it won’t hurt to ask your family for help also.…Forget about unnecessary sacrifices! You deserve to relax and have fun, you know you deserve it.

  23. You could do baby sitting, pet sitting, or house keeping. Put up flyers around your neighborhood offering to do any of those and you should get a few people taking up the offer.

  24. Oh my goodness. Wow what a heck of a thing to find out when you got home. I am so sorry.You can usually get emergency food stamps for you and your hubby. It’s a credit card just like an ATM, and no one will know but you.

  25. You can go to your local churches, who often have pantries for people in need.But when im home. ( Newport Beach ) ridding my bike or walking and thinking, I see allot of people painting their homes.and my answers to these previous questionsI know that most don’t want to fall under that assistance from the state, but it does help tremendously. My husband and I work, and we still receive food stamps and medical assistance. Are we ashamed of it? Sometimes, but if the help is there, we take advantage of it because it’s a necessity. I hope things get better for you and your family, and I hope I was a help to you.

  26. a lot of places have an info line. it is 211 for the united way. they have food clothing, etc to help in difficult situations… just like dialing 911 for emergency or 411 for directory assistance. just dial 411.. also there are social service organizations, churches, food pantries. there is a lot of help out there and if you have the 211 they will be able to get you into contact with these organizations.

  27. CRAIGSLIST! 40 million visitors a month. Put an ad there in the “Services” section and your phone will ring!

  28. I think this is a big deal. And honestly I would tell him that he needs to sell it today. Marriage is partnership. A partnership where you both make the choices. And clearly he decided to make an important choice without you.

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