How Long Does It Take Chegg To Ship Books

What is the difference in the US Edition and International Edition of a textbook.

I am going to take classes in August here in Louisiana someone told me that I could find cheaper books on Ebay just get the ISBN # which I did and the books are cheaper by a lot I see the books but also see “International Edition” written by the description. I look at books that are sold in the US and…

Ok, I am not really sure if there is any bigger difference between the US Edition and the International Edition textbooks, but i have looked around on the internet and came across an answer to your question by another poster, I am including the link here… According to her there is no real difference except for the cover, and the price….The information within the citation marks below has been posted by another student on “”; the link to the original question is posted below after the authors answer…and on the bottom i listed a few more options for finding textbooks, but still save some money.”What’s the difference between a U.S. edition and international edition when you buy a college textbook?This is the first question that I asked myself when I started my graduate class a year ago. Textbooks are notoriously expensive in this country, and the high tuition fees are not helping either. I started looking into the international edition and found that basically there was no difference except the design of the cover. Seriously, that’s the only difference! The U.S. edition usually has a hard cover with a different design on it, while the international edition has a soft cover. I’m not sure if that much of the paper justifies doubling the price of a textbook when the international edition can do the same job.Students and potential students don’t be afraid to buy international edition! I have used many international editions so far and saved a lot of money. I have no answer to why the U.S. publishers want to charge students in the U.S. more money than those overseas, but I do know that you can ace the exam regardless you are using a U.S. edition or international edition!International editions usually take longer to ship as well since they are well–international. If you need a textbook FAST, it is usually worth the extra $$$ for the local version. But as long as you leave a sufficient time margin (8-12 days) you should be fine.Good luck to all your classes!(” .But if you would like some more options on how to get needed textbooks but still save money… you might want to look into and try to exchange your old textbooks for needed textbooks. I recently signed up for, which seems like a relatively new free textbook exchange service. All I had to do was create an account, add the books I needed to my need list, the old textbooks to my have list, and if there are any possible exchanges, (which unfortunately does not happen every time, yet), It helps me to save some extra money from not needing to buy a new text book. If it does not work out for you this time, it might do so next time, who knows??? I have to say that I have worked up quite a collection on old text books from many of my previous years, since I am a senior right now. I do wish this website would have started a bit sooner…Also you could consider buying the textbooks on Amazon; I used to buy textbooks here all the time, which is probably the best website for most of your purchases, especially books, since they are very cheap, and have a 30 day refund… see has cheap textbooks for sale…I have bought some of my textbooks here as well…Not to forget might also be a good solution for you, I have not had the opportunity to use their services myself, but I have heard from classmates that they rent you the textbook for a good price.Hope any of this helps…and good luck with your search.

College textbooks way too expensive, is it fair.

Okay so this next semester is the most expensive for all students taking clases like me because its that point in time in my major where I HAVE to buy university branded books and brand new with “access codes”. Yes thats right my scumbag university is making me buy specialty books that cost $200+ a pop…

Usually when someone gets financial aid they get money to cover books as well. Other people work during the summer or whenever they can to afford books. It sucks but the only thing you can do is try to contact the company/book publisher or look at their website and see if you can buy the access codes separately. Then buy the book used online by just typing in the ISBN on yahoo, google, etc and go to the site with the best price.Also sometimes I have found that if you buy the book directly from the publisher’s website it might cost LESS than buying the same new book from the campus book store! I once bought a new textbook directly from the publisher’s public website and it was cheaper and had free shipping!You either have to save up your money or learn how to get around ‘the system’ when you can. Also you could buy a used copy and SHARE the access code with a classmate (share the cost). As long as you don’t have to log into a system with your name, for same attendance or online work you must pass in, then you could ask the professor if you could share the access code with a classmate (ask privately AFTER class).PS College expense and learning to out smart the system when you can is why only a small fraction of the population has a bachelor degree or higher. Horse books for free

Best time to buy college textbooks.

I already rented 3/9 books on Chegg for $60 (saving me $140), but I don’t want to order the rest from the school bookstore (a remaining $272) until I know that I actually NEED them for class. However, I don’t want to wait too late and then have the bookstore run out. When do is the best time to actually get…

I would recommend buying your books ASAP, but I wouldn’t recommend buying them from the college bookstore. Unless something has only just come out, there will be used copies available online. The longer you wait, the more expensive buying your books used online will be, because other people will take the least expensive copies. If it turns out you don’t need a particular book, you can sell it online to someone else, probably for not much less than you paid for it, and even though you’d lose money for every book that you decide you don’t need (and don’t want to read), you’d save money for every book that you really do need.But if you’re planning to buy from your bookstore and you have the money or credit, I would still buy them early – I would find out how long you have to return books (in the same condition you bought them in), and then buy the books so that, whichever day is the first day of class for the class that starts after all the others have begun, I could still return the books on the day after that. Things may have changed since my day (which was pre-internet), but at least when I was in college, the best used copies of books went first, and all of the used copies went pretty fast. After that, we had to pay the usual price for a new book. So if we wanted used books, it was worth buying them as soon as possible.Whatever you decide to do, I hope you get good prices.

Paying for college. Questions. Help.

I am about to be an incoming freshmen to a community college.I have 75% Bright Futures – which does not cover books – and a $4,900 a year pell grant under my belt.Rent(including ALL utilities) is $589.00 a month and I have to be a full time student to live there, in order to be a full time student I have to…

Last semester, I worked on average 54 hours a week while taking 5 classes/15 credit hours. I finished with a 3.60 GPA. I go to a big university.I also have a couple loans. If possible, avoid private lenders like Sallie Mae. They suck. I would recommend only taking out Federal loans.Sometimes it’s hard. You may live paycheck to paycheck and barely get by each month – but hey, you’re a student! You won’t be in this situation for very long.If you’re only working 20 hours, you’ll be fine. It shouldn’t be hard to juggle that on top of homework and studying. Just spend a minimum of 1-2 hours a day studying/doing homework.How much do you think you will spend on books? Check online on websites like Amazon and Chegg. Renting books is A LOT cheaper than buying. I’ve had a lot of luck with Amazon. I just bought (not rent!) 3 books from the Marketplace for $62, shipping included. Buying the books from the bookstore would have cost close to $350.

do you think i would need the textbooks for these classes.

i am going to community college (specifically SCCC) and two of the classes i am taking are Communications 101 and Freshman seminar 101. now on the school website it said the books are required for the class. Now, i have heard of many stories where the professor told them at the last minute that they didn’t not…

Rent them on Chegg or buy older editions on Amazon.There’s really no need to ever step inside of your college bookstore unless the book you need is specifically made for your school (or it’s cheaper there than online). All you need to do is plan ahead and be aware of shipping costs.

Have you ever used If so, what was your experience. Do you (or do you not) recommend it.

Have you ever used And, is it any good? Do you trust their service and did you like it? Can you give me details about their process? Do you pay for shipping or is it free? How long does it take for them to ship?I used chegg my second semester at college instead of the on-campus bookstore because…

Never even heard of it.I suggest you look up reviews for this website.

Has anyone ever used I need feedback FAST..

are they a reliable place to go or should i stick to amazon and how long did it take for you to get your order?

I use They are a textbook search engine that searches all the online textbook retailers (including amazon, half, ebay etc) and rental sites (including chegg, bookrenter etc) to find you the best prices. You can even use them at the end of the semester to search for resellers to sell your books to.

Renting books for college.

I might use has anyone used it? Did you have any problems? How long does it take to get your books?

My friend swears by Chegg. I’ve use them before but the 2 main ones that I use are and both of which are excellent. I’ve found that ecampus seems to be a bit cheaper than bookrenter and both are cheaper then Chegg. I check out ecampus first and if they don’t have the book I need to rent then I go to bookrenter, Chegg is my 3rd choice.Check out ecampus & bookrenter before you just up & rent from Chegg. See how their prices compare on the books you need to rent.Renting instead of buying new or used is definitely the way to go. Even the local junior college in my town is now starting to rent books to students. Someone mentioned, yes they have some cheap books but it still doesn’t compare to renting & also you’re basically at the mercy of the party who is shipping it which usually means media mail & that takes forever.Good luck!

How long does it take to recieve your check from chegg if you want it mailed to you.

It’s been 2 weeks. Customer service told me they requested one would be sent. How do i make sure of this? How long does it normally take them to mail it?

It typically takes 3 to 5 business days for the book evaluation and the payment to process and ship. The check is then shipped via USPS standard mail and should arrive within 7 to 10 business days to the address submitted on the order.However, there may some issue that can slow down the process so pay close attention to your email as this is the method Chegg uses to alarm you of any delays. You can always reach Chegg’s Student Advocate department by going to, writing on their Facebook wall, or Tweeting @Chegg on Twitter.

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  1. These are the same type of people that Obama says should dictate most aspects of your life; medical care right now with more to come.I completely understand your frustration. I would put the money for the books aside and wait and see.Buy the book used, or rent it.

  2. Amazon! I ordered a backpack last monday, and it came on thursday (so 3 days). Trust me it will come really fast through amazon!!!

  3. I feel your pain. My first semester of books for nursing school are going to run about $1700. But you can’t blame the university, blame the publisher. If you go to their sites you can usually buy the books from there as well, but at the same or higher cost. I don’t know why they have to cost so much. Maybe you can sell them back or sell them on Amazon when you’re done.

  4. you’ll see the links specificly about this on the left and the right side so you dont have to go and search everywhere

  5. You could always try used college book stores (we have one across the street form my school, its really convient) and since the seminar class you’re taking is required, check around your school for students selling their copy of the book. Lots of them are pretty cheap.I’m not sure about, but I know a good friend of mine rented her books from and saved quite about $200. I’m not sure how long shipping takes, but the site should have that information. You can rent any book per semester and just mail it back when you’re done… A pretty cool alternative to buying unless you just want to own the book.

  6. is a great place to rent books for less. It depends on where you are for the books to be shipped. In California, my books came within a week. I did not have any problems when using it.

  7. If your aunt is a professor, and she photocopies textbooks and gives them to students, she is unethical, stealing, and could lose her job and never get another teaching position.

  8. But you know what is probably going to really piss you off down the line? When you spend $100 on a book, then find out it is just loose sleeves of paper that as soon as you open to put in a binder, you can’t sell back for money.

  9. Yeah, it’s fair. If getting a higher education were cheap and simple, everyone would have six Ph.D.s and they wouldn’t be worth squat.

  10. FYI-Sometimes you can rent the textbook (I use and shipping is free) and then just buy a separate access code from the publisher. It saves you some money.

  11. Could you imagine the uproar if there was another industry that behaved this way. What would happen if OIL had the same rate of inflation as the higher education racket??

  12. Instead, to get there one needs to be resourceful, and willing to work hard and make sacrifices. That’s how one achieves anything worth having, because that’s what makes it worth having.

  13. i could recommend renting books. they are greater much cheap than procuring new books, and are in many situations greater much cheap than procuring used books. shops pay infrequently any money to purchase the books lower back from you on the top of the 300 and sixty 5 days, and if a clean addition of your e book is being released at any time in the subsequent 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, they gained’t purchase it in any respect. Renting is a thank you to bypass.

  14. I remember several days before graduation I had to go to the bursars office to pay one of the many many parking tickets I received after paying for a parking permit when there were no parking spaces. They reminded me that I also owed a one hundred dollar graduation fee.

  15. Well this semester I’m also renting a large number of my books from Chegg, (only cost $170, saving me approx. $300), but I’ll have to purchase a access code from Amazon that’ll cost me another $87 and then I have manuals for lab that I can only buy at the bookstore and a book for Accounting that can also only be bought at the bookstore. In the past, I’ve always bought my books after classes have begun, like literally, after I’m done with classes for the day, I’ll go to the bookstore to purchase my books. If anything, you’ll need your books within the first week so don’t delay too long.

  16. This cannot be true!! Colleges are run by leftists that have nothing but your best interests at heart.log om to anf see if you as a college student can get two-day delivery

  17. Chegg is ok, but I would suggest buying your used books off They have good prices for used books and you can sell them back once the semester is over and get money.

  18. These are people that will sit and rant in rave during classes about BIG OIL (say it in a scary voice) or big pharma or any other business that makes a profit and how they are taking advantage of the little guy.I was never glad to leave a place as I was that ponzi scheme called the University of Oklahoma.

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