How To Store Rare Books

How to store vinyl LP discs.

Ok, so I recently got my hands on a pretty rare LP worth a few hundred dollars. I want to keep it in mint condition and not let the dust get in at it or even get the outer sleeve scratched. I wont actually be playing it, it’s too valuable! xD So I was thinking maybe I could wrap it in cling film or in one of...

Keep them in a dry place . Always store them on edge, do not store them so they are laid flat in a pile or stacked. Store them like books at the library (standing up). Putting them on top of each other in a pile will cause them to warp and bend, destroying them. I’ve seen it happen. Protect them so bugs, insects and animals won’t get to the covers and eat them. If you pack them in a box have them standing up.You can buy plastic sleeves for each one, which you should do if their valuable. Good Luck. SS……

How much would a comic book store pay for…..

the whole set of the original pokemon cards. all in mint-to-good condition.

A rule of thumb with comic shops (and anyone else who’s just going to turn around and sell it to someone else) is that they will buy them for a lower price that what they would be able to sell it for so that they could make a profit. If they would be able to sell a rare Mew card for say $5.00, I wouldn’t expect them to pay you more than $2.00 or $3.00 for it. Free amharic books

I have what I think may be a very rare book from the seventeenth century. How do I find out for sure.

Look online for the nearest rare book store or find an antique shop in your area and ask for a reference. A specialist can tell you when the book was pubished, verify authenticity, establish provenance, and provide you with an appraisal value.If you live in a small town, or in an area where antique stores are at a minimum, go to, type in the nearest large city, and search for the previously stated criteria.

I have a rare book, how do I go about finding out how much it’s worth.

how rare are 1988 batman comic books.

i was out of town this weekend and stopped at a comic book store, i have a huge obsession with batman and while i was there i found 2 original batman comics from 1988, i got them each for $4 and im not planning on selling them now but when im older lets say 50-70 years from now about how much would they be worth?…

They wouldn’t be worth more if you got a bunch of actors to sign them, no.What are the issue #s? Unless they’re done by well-known creators and/or feature important story moments, I wouldn’t count on them ever being worth a great deal.

How to find people from books.

I found this old book from the early 60’s.It says it belongs to this women but the last time it was issued was 9/23/63. It says if found please return to name of personThe book is called How You Plan and Prepare Meals by Carson Ramee.Do you think the person is dead? or am i wasting my time trying to find them

People who know old books and how to run a book store.

Do you have to be 18 to buy How To Write Erotica books at Barnes and Noble.

I write gay erotica and it’s been kind of lacking a little. I’m mature for my age, as I’ve heard from a lot of people but, mature or not, I know my mom wouldn’t allow me to purchase a How to Write Erotica book. However, I’m curious. Do you have to be eighteen years old to buy such a book from…

Jack, it’s pretty rare for the store clerk to give a damn what the customers are buying. There’s no erotic content in “How to Write Erotica.” (For me, there was also no *useful* content, but your experience may be different.) I see no reason the store would not sell such a book to you, since the book itself has nothing X-rated about it.

I need to know how much this book may be worth, how rare.

My friend recently found a basement under his house that had not been touched for 50 years (realtors, home inspectors, no one knew it was there) anyways, he let me take a book and it is “Complete Etiquette for Ladies and Gentleman” by Mrs. E. B. Duffy, inside says copywritten 1911 by Alexander Hamilton….

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  1. Well, at Chapters (a book store in Canada, not sure if it’s in other parts of the world) you can just go up to the erotica section. I’ve never bought the books as I’m 15, but me and a friend were looking at them the other day and no one said a thing.

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