How Do You Sell Books Back To Amazon

does anyone sell things on

i have a huge collection of books and m thinking aout selling them on but what i want to know is how it works when you sell them. I know that the person pays and then amzon sends you the money to the checking account but how much do you actually get back from it and do i have to pay the shipping. Continue reading “How Do You Sell Books Back To Amazon”

Books Similar To How To Win Friends And Influence People

Tips on how to make yourself more out going.

I’m terribly shy and would like to be bubbly and outgoing like the other popular girls.

Get up, move and join a group of people that has similar interests. In that environment, it would be easier to meet people and make friends. Continue reading “Books Similar To How To Win Friends And Influence People”

How To Get Free Books On Playbook

Is electrical engineering right for me .

I love math,electromagnetism,ohm’s,kirchoff’s laws,current,resistance,electricity and I’m pretty much good at them…what I want to know is electrical engineering the right field for me and if its what’s the right subfield is it Power,control,communication and what are the core course I will be. Continue reading “How To Get Free Books On Playbook”

How To Make Money Writing Books On Amazon

How to write book and sell on kindle.

Can Anywon tell me what is teh best way to get my book published on kindle? Also, pleas tell me the cOst.Thank you

Go to Kindle Direct Publishing ( and follow the instructions. It has no upfront costs – Amazon make their money by taking a percentage of the retail price whenever someone buys a copy of your book. Continue reading “How To Make Money Writing Books On Amazon”